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A125 Precise measurement of photoresist film thickness (EN)  (1000k)

A125 フォトレジスト膜厚の高精度測定 (JA)  (1000k)

A126 TalyMaster rotary compressor (EN)  (861k)

A126 TalyMaster rotary compressor (JA)  (893k)

A127 Cylinder head – fuel injection pump (EN)  (757k)

A127 シリンダーヘッド – 燃料噴射ポンプ (JA)  (7583k)

A129 Bearing industry – roller bearing (EN)  (1054k)

A129 ベアリングアプリケーション ローラーベアリング (JA)  (1054k)

A130 Optical coating measurement (EN)  (1085k)

A131 Anti-reflection (AR) coatings on solar cells (EN)  (5650k)

A131 在光伏设备中使用的防反射涂层的高级计量 (CH)  (5650k)

A139 High precision measurement of steep-sided miniature aspheres (EN)  (1126k)

A140 Advanced contact and non-contact metrology for characterisation of optical lenses (EN)  (1843k)

A141 Measurement of steep-sided miniature hemispheres (EN)  (922k)

A141 Measurement of steep-sided miniature hemispheres (JA)  (950k)

A142 Measurement of steep-sided small hemispheres (EN)  (831k)

A143 AAU X offset and tool radius (EN)  (4505k)

A144 Camera lenses and moulds (EN)  (1331k)

A145 Diamond-Like Carbon coating (EN)  (1536k)

A146 High speed 3D cone measurements (EN)  (4096k)

A147 Surface acoustic wave (EN)  (4096k)

A149 Inspection of ball and lead screw actuator components (EN)  (1.34MB)

A150 Smart phone lens mold (EN)  (3700k)

T125 Talyrond arcuate correction (EN)  (1142k)

T126 Software correction for column alignment (EN)  (808k)

T127 Ultra software – remote access (EN)  (898k)

T128 Machine tool slides (EN)  (1536k)

T129 Measuring pipe end faces (EN)  (987k)

T130 Measuring angular errors (EN)  (1228k)

T131 Flatness checks on surface tables (EN)  (1126k)

T132 Electro optical metrology for aircraft (EN)  (1945k)

T133 Electro optical metrology for defence (EN)  (2355k)

T134 Electro optical metrology for machine tools (EN)  (2560k)

T135 Calculating the maximum overlap for fused measurements (EN)  (537k)

T136 Surface separation and leveling (EN)  (2150k)

T137 Low reflectance mode (EN)  (1024k)

T138 CCI step height verification (EN)  (659k)

T138 ステップハイト検証と相関性 (JA) (659k)

T142 PGI Dimension audit file (EN)  (1638k)

T143 Understanding SAG and radial (EN)  (1331k)

T145 Traverse unit tilt angle (EN)  (1843k)

T146 Alignment products help green credentials (EN)  (1433k)

T147 Electro optical metrology in shipbuilding (EN)  (2252k)

T148 Electro optical metrology in submarines (EN)  (1331k)

T149 Testing electro optical measurement instruments (EN)  (1935k)

T150 Radius optimisation (EN) (1433k)

T151 Spike removal (EN)  (1433k)

T152 New 'TalyMap' analysis type available in Ultra (EN)  (952k)

T153 Different materials step height (EN)  (1638k)

T154 Error correction in different material step height (EN)  (2700k)

T154 コヒーレンス・コリレーション法(CCI)を使った異種材料間の段差測定のエラー訂正法 (JA) (2700k)