Form Talysurf Intra Touch

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    Housed in a rugged enclosure, the Intra has a proven history of maintaining accuracy of measurement without the need for constant maintenance or support. Quality, flexibility and ease-of-use have enabled the Intra become a shop-floor standard across a wealth of different industries.

    Intra touch is a perfect choice. It combines industry leading specification with simplicity of operation for unbeatable practicality and value.

    Intra touch features and benefits

    • 1mm vertical range / 16nm resolution
      Delivers form (contour) as well as surface finish measurement capability for precision metal forming and other applications
    • 50mm horizontal traverse
      Ideal for the majority of shop floor applications. The unit combines both accuracy and portability
    • 0.40um / 50mm straightness error
      The high accuracy traverse datum makes possible skidless measurement of waviness, form and contour, even on large components
    • 0.5um horizontal data spacing
      Small components and features can be measured more effectively than ever before. Reduced run-up and run-down length further improve usability
    • Manual column
      For large or tall components the available manual column provides a stable, dedicated work station for improved throughput
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