Talysurf PRO

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    The Talysurf PRO is a simple to operate high accuracy instrument capable of surface roughness, contour and waviness measurement.

    The system’s low noise axes and high resolution gauge ensures measurement integrity. Powerful control and analysis software the measurement of roughness and waviness has never been easier.
    Simplify the system operation by use of joystick buttons, user defined macro buttons and analysis shortcuts.

    Superior gauging

    • Balanced beam giving any orientation measurement
    • Constant stylus force throughout its range
    • Integral lift / lower as standard

    Small gauge diameter for greater accessibility
    Dedicated software analysis packages.

    Talysurf PRO uses the latest software 'Metrology 4.0' developed by Taylor Hobson. Metrology 4.0 includes desktop publishing, automated feedback, roughness, contour, and 3D analysis.

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