Aerospect SPS 2500LC

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    The Aerospect 2500LC is a jet engine alignment system consisting of a high load capacity air bearing spindle made from hardened tool steel mounted on a granite plate.

    Measurements are taken using 4 precision gauge heads (8 optional) mounted on a gantry system, the gantry system provides measurement access to deep bores using a special drop arm while the two opposing side posts provide access to all other component features ensuring fast simple set up.

    Developed in conjunction with a major engine manufacturer the system is powered by Aerospect windows based software, unique algorithms are used to optimise alignment and help eliminate "crankshaft" and "banana" type effects casued by incorrect stacking, features include;

    • Air bearing spindle master axis with radial and axial precision of < 0.125um
    • Full centre and level capability with 1136Kg load capacity
    • Multi-gauge set up (optional 8) with 4 gauge simultaneous measurement
    • Gantry system with drop arm for deep bore access
    • Aerospect stack prediction software with easy set up and shopfloor programming
    • Centre and level software aid
    • Parameters include roundness,flatness, run-out and SP value and angle
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