Aerospect SP 150DT

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    The Aerospect SPS 150DT consists of an air bearing spindle mounted on a granite table all sitting on a sturdy support frame, the systems small footprint and ergonomic design make it ideally suited for small turbine components and assemblies.

    Measurements are taken using 4 precision gauge heads (8 optional) mounted on two gauges posts providing access to multiple features on the most intricate of components.

    Developed in conjunction with a major engine manufacturer the system is powered by Aerospect windows based software, this provides all the measurement parameters required for assembly and manufacture, features include;

    • Air bearing spindle master axis with radial and axial precision of < 0.125um
    • Full centre and level capability with 1136Kg load capacity
    • Multi-gauge set up (optional 8) with 4 gauge simultaneous measurement
    • Gantry system with drop arm for deep bore access
    • Aerospect stack prediction software with easy set up and shopfloor programming
    • Centre and level software aid
    • Parameters include roundness,flatness, run-out and SP value and angle
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