Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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    Both rings posses deep grooves with a radius only slightly exceeding the ball radius. Due to this curvature ratio the bearing can support high radial forces as well as axial forces which make them ideal for a wide range of applications.

    The form, radius and surface finish of the tracks is critical to the running performance and noise characteristics of these bearings. Taylor Hobson have a range of Form Talysurf systems which are suitable for measuring the form and surface finish characteristics of deep groove ball bearings. For product details click the link below.

    Also of critical importance is the roundness and waviness of the races and rolling elements. Typically these features are measured using roundness instruments, for product information click the link below

    Wall Thickness Variation

    Along with general geometrical features there is also typically a requirement to look at other critical factors which affect the running performance of these bearings. One of the important factors in ball bearing running performance is Wall Thickness Variation. In particular for bearings that are fixed within a housing the wall thickness variation of the inner ring is critical while for bearings located on a shaft the wall thickness variation of the outer ring is critical. Taylor Hobson have dedicated analysis software for measuring wall thickness variation of ball bearing races. For further details click the link below.

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