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    Whatever the component, however quickly you must analyse it, confidence in your 3D areal measurement result is assured with the revolutionary CCI MP-HS non-contact optical profiler. A high speed 1 MP camera combines with 1/10 Ångstrom vertical resolution to deliver incredibly detailed analysis of all surface types from very rough to extremely smooth.

    Greatly expand your analysis capabilities without increasing the complexity of your analysis programs. A broad range of components and surfaces can be measured without the complication of switching between measurement modes or the extra burden of intermediate lens calibration. Standardized methods, procedures and reporting ease the integration of CCI MP-HS into your quality management system. 

    • 1048 x 1048 pixel array for large FOV with high resolution
    • Advanced X, Y and Z stitching, extending the measurement range
    • <0.2 Angstrom RMS repeatability, <0.1% step height repeatability
    • Integrated anti vibration for optimum noise performance
    • Windows 7 64-bit software in multi-language
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