Micro Alignment Telescopes with built in optical micrometers

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    The micro alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight for applications such as the alignment and measurement of bearings and bores. 

    By use of two precision micrometers X,Y displacement can be measured with accuracies of 0.05 mm over 30 metres from a reference line of sight.

    Taylor Hobson's range of precision targets and accessories further enhance this range making them truly versatile for a large number of applications.

    These instruments provide precision while maintaining the robustness required for the most exacting of environments. Parameters include alignment, parallelism, squareness, level/flatness and straightness for applications from alignment of propellor shaft bearings to aircraft frame alignment, features include;

    • Mechanical to optical concentricity to less than 6 um
    • Parallelism of optical line of sight to mechanical axis less than 3 arc secs
    • Typical accuracy 5-10um over 3m
    • X,Y precision micrometers with 0.02 mm resolution
    • Wide range of accessories to assist in alignment and measurement

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